Monterey Bay Aquarium

Summer 2014 has Started in Monterey Bay

Summer has just started! You wouldn’t want a summer break of boredom and frustration just because you got nothing to do, right? Especially if everyone is excited to take their out of town trips or a good swim in the pool under the sun. Im sure you can’t picture yourself staying at home by this time. So to make this season memorable for you. We will bring you top reasons why you should spend this time of the year in Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Kids and kids at heart definitely love the sea life. Get a chance to see penguins, jellies sharks and limitless numbers of marine creatures right before your very eyes at Monterey Bay Aquarium. I bet not everyone once in their life had an opportunity to dive and discover the waters of the sea and have an intimate experience with the forms underwater. But with Monterey Bay Aquarium you will get to have a face to face encounter with the sea creatures. We all have an innate wish to know the unknown, to discover the nature and to explore the wonders of the underwater. All these and more you will experience when you visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. Make your summer vacation less stressful, fun and memorable for you and your kids. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium at 886 Cannery Row Monterey CA 93940. Its open daily from or 930am to 06:00pm.

Museum of Art Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay, Museum of Art. Originally published in

Take a romantic tour in a rustic backdrop while enjoying the works of the artists from the 19th and the 20th century at Monterey Museum of Art. Be delighted by the pieces of artworks by some of the local artists up to the wonderful works of the famous Pablo Picasso. If you like to experience the best of both worlds – antiquity plus modernism combined, this place is definitely a must visit. Monterey Museum of Arts is a lovely place to take pictures for souvenirs. Photographers and non-photographers alike will love the gardens, the settings and the nature, perfect for some selfies and family pictures. Monterey Museum of Art operates in two locations, one is at 559 Pacific Street and the other located at 720 Via Mirada, California.


Monterey Peninsula Trail

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Considered as one of the most scenic long trails in California, Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail is an 18 mile trail stretching from Pacific Grove to the Castroville charms locals and tourists because of its wonderful beauty. You and your family can go walking or jogging or even biking as you enjoy the magnificent view of the Monterey Bay. Ocean views include boats, and a variety of sea life that will definitely enthrall you. In Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail, nature is just everywhere. The beautiful view of the place will stop you from biking from time to time just to take pictures of the great landscape. Can’t think of a nice summer destination this summer? Head on to Monterey Peninsula Bay Recreational Trail and enjoy the fresh air while looking at God’s stunning creation.