Visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see when you’re stopping by the city of Monterey, CA. The public aquarium is located on the site of a former sardine cannery on Cannery Row. Because of its popularity, it has an annual attendance of 1.8 million visitors. If you’re planning to stop by the place, here are some quick tips and information to help you organize and get the most out of your visit in the most beautiful aquarium in the world!


1. Getting to the aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBA, Monterey Bay Aquarium Location

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey at the west end of historic Cannery Row, just minutes from Carmel and Pebble Beach. Monterey is approximately 125 miles (208 km) south of San Francisco and 360 miles (600 km) north of Los Angeles.

Full address:
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940


2. Select a day for a visit

Weekends will be more crowded than weekdays. If possible, visit the aquarium during the week.


3. Avoid long lines and purchase your tickets in advance

The place can get a little crowded on some days and lining up for a ticket can eat a lot of your visit time. Purchase your tickets online. You’ll be able to save time and find some great discounts when you purchase from the web. It’s quick, easy, and totally hassle-free. Click here to purchase your admission tickets ahead. Take note that the prices of the aquariums admission tickets varies by category. Do be careful what category of ticket you buy, it might not be applicable to you.


4. Arrive when the aquarium opens

Arrive early and organize your day around the showings and feedings. Some places have limited viewing areas (like the sea otters) so go to the early shows to get a view while you can. To help you plan ahead, click here and view the aquariums daily schedule (including programs and feedings).


5. Visit the most popular exhibits first before the crowd thickens

The crowd can get a bit overwhelming especially during mid-day. If you arrive early, try to get a look of the most popular exhibits first to avoid huge crowds. Here are some of the most awesome exhibits of the aquarium:


Kelp Forest

Kelp forest, Monterey bay aquarium

The  Kelp Forest exhibit was designed as the centerpiece of the aquarium, and was the first exhibit in the world to include a living kelp forest. Eighty species of seaweeds grow in this exhibit, some of which have also entered the aquarium through the water from the bay rather than being deliberately planted.


Open Sea Galleries

The open sea galleries showcase sharks,  a school of 3000 anchovies swimming against the endless current of a toroidal tank, a puffin exhibit, juvenile sea turtle exhibit, and multimedia experiences highlighting microscopic plankton.


Other popular exhibits

Octopus in blue ocean

Other popular exhibits include penguin exhibit, seahorses, jellyfish special exhibit and tentacles special exhibit.


Prepare to be amazed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the 550 aquatic species on display in more than 100 exhibits. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Family Fitness in Monterey Sports Center

One of the top priorities of families is always going to be the health of both the parents and the children. Parents would usually achieve this by providing their kids with nourishing food to eat and staying away from junk food as much as possible. Parents would try to stay fit by also going to the gym and working out if schedule and time permits. However, one of the new trends these past few years is that fitness is turning into more than just a means to maintain health and fitness. The whole family and not just the parents are going to fitness centers these days and even young kids are going.


As a matter of fact, this is one of the trends nowadays that the Monterey Sports Center in California would like to promote. A quick look through their website and you can tell that the sports center is not just for adults. Kids can enjoy themselves here and see what good staying fit and healthy can do for the mind and the body. The Monterey Sports Center is the largest fitness facility in the one whole of the Monterey Peninsula. Their establishment is divided into 5 areas all focused in providing specific exercises, training, and recreational activities.

The Fitness section is all about evaluating a person’s physical state and provides an evaluation which includes physical strength, cardiovascular performance, blood pressure, flexibility and even a treadmill ergometry test. In this area there are personal trainers who can help you achieve your physical fitness goals and provide one-on-one Yoga and Pilates sessions.

The Group Exercise section is composed of several studios where groups of people socialize and enjoy physical exercises like cycling, yoga, Zumba, dance, conditioning, aqua splash and many more. Monterey Sports Center updates their website for the schedules so make sure to check which classes work best.

The Aquatics section is arguably very popular with the kids. Here, swimming lessons are available and there is even lifeguard training and water safety instructor course. There is also a Tot Time which is for parents and their children aged 5 and below to enjoy a bit of swimming. Float night is also fun as people are encouraged to bring anything that floats for a fun swimming pool party.

The Gym and Camps section is where people can join in teams and focus on a particular activity. Monterey Sports Center offers martial arts, cheerleading, teen work experience, volleyball, and youth wrestling.

Lastly, the Physical Therapy section is where visitors of the center can work on any physical injuries, pains and other limitations. Individuals with aching knees, poor posture, flexibility and other complications can set up an appointment for a physical therapy session to assess the person’s physical condition and identify the best course to take in order to resolve and physical complications.

The Monterey Sports Center is a comprehensive and family friendly facility that not only promotes fitness and healthy living, but also supports family bonding, camaraderie and positive reinforcement. Tourists staying in Monterey for a few days are always welcome to visit the sports center. Hotels in Monterey like the Vagabond Inn are perfect for families because of their well-appointed and spacious rooms as well as their affordability.