Oceans in Glass – Discovering Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the top attractions in the bay. Visiting Monterey wouldn’t be complete without encountering these sea creatures who were being preserved by the management of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Children and adults who have visited the aquarium were fascinated with its large, modern and huge variety of activities and things to look at.



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Below is a full length documentary about Monterey Bay Aquarium which will give you a broad view about the “Oceans in Glass” attraction in Monterey.

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Monterey Bay: Worth Pinteresing

Surely you will appreciate more Monterey Bay by these fascinating pictures posted on Pinterest.


A heap of sea lions at Monterey Bay, California by O.Blaise.

California sea lions are often seen in boating, lounging on wharfs, pilings and even boats. Monterey Bay is known for its wealth of pelagic mammals and the only place in the world where five species of seals may be found.


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Lone Cypress is known as one of the most photographed trees and scenic attractions in North America. The tree is special because of its age as it is estimated to be 250 plus years old already.


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Point lobos is considered the “crown jewel” of Monterey Bay.  It is a place of serenity of nature which has been called “the greatest meeting of land and sea in the world” and “the crown jewel of the state park system.”


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Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the top tourist spots in Monterey which is located on historic Cannery Row. It is well known to be the window to the wonders of the ocean.

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Secret Spots in Monterey County You Need To See

Monterey County is teeming with fascinating places you may not have heard of, but you’ll definitely want to explore. Here are some of Monterey’s best kept secret places to play, taste and explore.

1. Monterey Bay Aquarium may not be an unpopular place but  UFO (unscheduled feeding opportunities) and wildlife sightings are a rare experience for most visitors. You can sign up for text message alerts to be notified of feeding and enrichment programs with sharks, a giant Pacific octopus, bat rays, sardines and more.

2. Foodies will be delighted with the chef’s table at Marinus at Bernardus Lodge. Watch experts prepare course after course and if ever you get bored from all the chopping and frying, entertain yourself with the notes that surround the table area’s wall. It’s said that some notes have been written by famous people who have dined the area, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Julia Childs. For reservations, call (831) 658-3595.

3. Take your loved one to the Asilomar Conference Grounds for some serene relaxation, reflection and rejuvenation. The place is breathtakingly gorgeous. It’s also home to the Proposal Bench, a perfect spot for catching sunsets and taking on all matters of the heart.

4. Experience the thrilling sensation of motorsports in  Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca for only $10! Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca is an 11-turn, 2.238-mile road course best known for The Corkscrew, a one-of-a-kind turn in motorsports, with an elevation change equivalent to 5 ½ stories.

5. China Cove at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is the perfect spot for outdoor enthusiasts. The place is teeming with wildlife which can be easily seen around the vicinity like weasels, deer, badgers, bobcats and rabbits. Currently, visitors are reporting sightings of female harbor seals and their pups.

6. Garrapata State Park is an unknown Big Sur jewel that offers dramatic microclimates, several creek crossings and towering redwoods. Not many people know the place because it’s tricky to spot from the road. You can choose to climb the steeper trail and be rewarded with majestic views of the ocean, or go for a more leisurely hike across the coastal bluffs that lead to Garrapata State Beach. Click here for map and directions.

7. Go for a more laid-back surfer vibe at the Moss Landing State Beach  where otters float around the place. The waves here are definitely world-class!

8. Take a break and go have some lunch or afternoon tea at the house of the famous author John SteinbeckThe Steinbeck House is located at 132 Central Avenue in Salinas and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Hours of operation vary; call (831) 424-2735 for reservations.


This post is an adaptation of seemonterey.com’s post, Monterey County’s Top 20 Secret Spots. Click here to view original post and more interesting places to visit.


Are you visiting Monterey County or is your family coming over for a vacation? Are you looking for a local place to accommodate you? Come and stay with us here in Munras Inn! Nestled at the coastal community of Monterey Bay, we offer 29 charming, well appointed rooms. Munras Inn is definitely the best choice for you! Book with us now by clicking here, or call us at (831) 646-9696.  You’ll definitely enjoy great accommodation and excellent customer service

Visiting Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see when you’re stopping by the city of Monterey, CA. The public aquarium is located on the site of a former sardine cannery on Cannery Row. Because of its popularity, it has an annual attendance of 1.8 million visitors. If you’re planning to stop by the place, here are some quick tips and information to help you organize and get the most out of your visit in the most beautiful aquarium in the world!


1. Getting to the aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium, MBA, Monterey Bay Aquarium Location

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located in Monterey at the west end of historic Cannery Row, just minutes from Carmel and Pebble Beach. Monterey is approximately 125 miles (208 km) south of San Francisco and 360 miles (600 km) north of Los Angeles.

Full address:
886 Cannery Row
Monterey, CA 93940


2. Select a day for a visit

Weekends will be more crowded than weekdays. If possible, visit the aquarium during the week.


3. Avoid long lines and purchase your tickets in advance

The place can get a little crowded on some days and lining up for a ticket can eat a lot of your visit time. Purchase your tickets online. You’ll be able to save time and find some great discounts when you purchase from the web. It’s quick, easy, and totally hassle-free. Click here to purchase your admission tickets ahead. Take note that the prices of the aquariums admission tickets varies by category. Do be careful what category of ticket you buy, it might not be applicable to you.


4. Arrive when the aquarium opens

Arrive early and organize your day around the showings and feedings. Some places have limited viewing areas (like the sea otters) so go to the early shows to get a view while you can. To help you plan ahead, click here and view the aquariums daily schedule (including programs and feedings).


5. Visit the most popular exhibits first before the crowd thickens

The crowd can get a bit overwhelming especially during mid-day. If you arrive early, try to get a look of the most popular exhibits first to avoid huge crowds. Here are some of the most awesome exhibits of the aquarium:


Kelp Forest

Kelp forest, Monterey bay aquarium

The  Kelp Forest exhibit was designed as the centerpiece of the aquarium, and was the first exhibit in the world to include a living kelp forest. Eighty species of seaweeds grow in this exhibit, some of which have also entered the aquarium through the water from the bay rather than being deliberately planted.


Open Sea Galleries

The open sea galleries showcase sharks,  a school of 3000 anchovies swimming against the endless current of a toroidal tank, a puffin exhibit, juvenile sea turtle exhibit, and multimedia experiences highlighting microscopic plankton.


Other popular exhibits

Octopus in blue ocean

Other popular exhibits include penguin exhibit, seahorses, jellyfish special exhibit and tentacles special exhibit.


Prepare to be amazed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the 550 aquatic species on display in more than 100 exhibits. Hope you enjoy your visit!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Summer 2014 has Started in Monterey Bay

Summer has just started! You wouldn’t want a summer break of boredom and frustration just because you got nothing to do, right? Especially if everyone is excited to take their out of town trips or a good swim in the pool under the sun. Im sure you can’t picture yourself staying at home by this time. So to make this season memorable for you. We will bring you top reasons why you should spend this time of the year in Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Kids and kids at heart definitely love the sea life. Get a chance to see penguins, jellies sharks and limitless numbers of marine creatures right before your very eyes at Monterey Bay Aquarium. I bet not everyone once in their life had an opportunity to dive and discover the waters of the sea and have an intimate experience with the forms underwater. But with Monterey Bay Aquarium you will get to have a face to face encounter with the sea creatures. We all have an innate wish to know the unknown, to discover the nature and to explore the wonders of the underwater. All these and more you will experience when you visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. Make your summer vacation less stressful, fun and memorable for you and your kids. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium at 886 Cannery Row Monterey CA 93940. Its open daily from or 930am to 06:00pm.

Museum of Art Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay, Museum of Art. Originally published in http://www.Tripadvisor.com

Take a romantic tour in a rustic backdrop while enjoying the works of the artists from the 19th and the 20th century at Monterey Museum of Art. Be delighted by the pieces of artworks by some of the local artists up to the wonderful works of the famous Pablo Picasso. If you like to experience the best of both worlds – antiquity plus modernism combined, this place is definitely a must visit. Monterey Museum of Arts is a lovely place to take pictures for souvenirs. Photographers and non-photographers alike will love the gardens, the settings and the nature, perfect for some selfies and family pictures. Monterey Museum of Art operates in two locations, one is at 559 Pacific Street and the other located at 720 Via Mirada, California.


Monterey Peninsula Trail

Monterey Peninsula Trail. Originally published at http://www.xtri.com

Considered as one of the most scenic long trails in California, Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail is an 18 mile trail stretching from Pacific Grove to the Castroville charms locals and tourists because of its wonderful beauty. You and your family can go walking or jogging or even biking as you enjoy the magnificent view of the Monterey Bay. Ocean views include boats, and a variety of sea life that will definitely enthrall you. In Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail, nature is just everywhere. The beautiful view of the place will stop you from biking from time to time just to take pictures of the great landscape. Can’t think of a nice summer destination this summer? Head on to Monterey Peninsula Bay Recreational Trail and enjoy the fresh air while looking at God’s stunning creation.

Monterey Bay Summer Camp

Kids are out of School! It’s Summer Camp Time!

Summer is just around the corner. I’m sure if you are a parent (of course with kids) you’ve been starting to contemplate about what would make your children occupied at least in their entire summer break. Yeah, something that would make them fruitful and by not just wasting their time staying at home. Some parents take this opportunity to create a meaningful bond with their kids, while others love to send their kids to programs and activities that would develop different aspects of their well being. Traditionally, summer camp is perceived by many as a place where they can hike and do campfires. Today, summer camps have evolved and are now offering activities ranging from Tech Camps that focus on technology education, to math enrichment programs, travel camps, foreign culture camps down to art, science, and performing art camps.

Monterey Bay Summer Camp


With all these different choices, i see no reason for parents not to enroll their kids in any of these. So why enroll your kids summer camps? Surprisingly, kids after being enrolled in summer camps show a drastic development in their social skills. Some parents find their kids become more sociable with their peers and adults. It also helped their children to boost their self-confidence, something that a parent would want to see in their child growing up. Moreover, kids enrolled in summer camps learn to value relationships and see how these relationships are essential for their daily life. Summer camps don’t only teach kids social skills but also builds their character as a person. Campers, when they return home, usually demonstrate values like respect, honesty, independence and a high sense of responsibility. Now you see how helpful summer camps are to your kids. The valuable experiences that they learn from summer camps plus your support and motivation will help them prepare well for their life.

Planning on sending your kids to any summer camps? Check these.

1. Camp SEA lab –
Offering day, residential, and teen camps, Camp SEA Lab is a marine science camp adventure for youth ages 8-13 on California’s Monterey Bay. Camp SEA Lab also offers leadership programs, a teacher development programs, science camps for schools, and family programs.

For more information, visit or call:
100 Campus Center, Building 42, Seaside, CA (831) 582-3681

2. Horse-N-Around – The Mitchell Ranch
Horse-n-Around offers horseback riding lessons to beginner riders of all ages. They have a unique children’s Discovery Program designed to introduce children to the world of horses. They also offer summer camps and have a dual approach to their lesson/camp program spending equal time on safety and ground work and to riding. Their focus is always on safety and they introduce equine behavior as a way to do this as well. Students must have the control on the ground before they can have control in the saddle. Theirs is a one on one approach.

For more information, visit or call:
980 Travers Lane, Watsonville, CA 95076 (408) 528-5461

3. Kennolyn Camps – Day, resident, family and equestrian camps. Campers enjoy miles of breathtaking trails through the Redwoods for hiking, Mountain Biking and Trail Riding.

For more information, visit or call:
8205 Glen Haven Rd., Soquel, CA (831) 479*-6714

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers educational programs that help teens learn about ocean conservation.

For more information, visit or call:
886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 648-4800

5. Point Lobos Summer Adventures Program
Summer Outdoor Program presented by State Park staff and based out of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Kids 8-13 years old will have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the outdoors in California State Parks.

For more information, visit or call:

Route 1, Carmel, CA 93923 (866) 338-7227

Enjoy your Summer!