Monterey Bay Wax Museum

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum by Steinbeck

The Monterey Bay in California is never short on things to do or places to visit. It has so many attractions that not only cater to adults but also to kids as well. There are plenty of outdoor activities and a few shopping destinations. Some of the notable places to visit include the Fisherman’s Wharf, the beaches and the whale watching, several parks, and of course the old cannery row. There are many things to see in the cannery row, but one of its older attractions includes Steinbeck’s Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum.

Monterey Bay Wax Museum

As the name implies, the wax museum contains sculptures of people that depict the history, culture and the civilization of the community that thrived in Monterey Bay. As mentioned earlier, Steinbeck’s Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum is quite old already, dating as far back as the 1970’s. The museum is attributed to John Steinbeck, a celebrated American writer who has won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for his novel, The Grapes of Wrath. His other famous literary works include the East of Eden and Of Mice and Men. He is beloved in Monterey, California, due in part to his many different literary works which make use of Monterey as its setting.

The attribution of Steinbeck to the Wax Museum in Monterey is due to the fact that many of the displays found inside the museum depict certain scenes in some of his novels. As a matter of fact, the Cannery Row was so named because of the immense popularity of his novel called Cannery Row. If you visit the Wax Museum in Monterey today, you’ll even see a wax sculpture of John Steinbeck sitting with a group of his peers enjoying a couple of drinks.

The Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum depicts over 450 years of Monterey’s rich history and the people who helped and contributed to the rich culture of Monterey today. The museum holds over a hundred different wax sculptures grouped into different moments in time to showcase how their lifestyle was during the early 1900s. Some of these wax figures portray workers from the now defunct sardine canning factories, a bullfight scene, prostitutes, Indians and many more.

The wax museum also features certain audio and visual presentations to provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the wax statues and the events they were presenting. There are even mechanical wax statues that move with the audio for a more immersive and entertaining experience. The price for admission is very affordable and the wax museum is a good means of entertainment for the whole family.

The Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum is more than just an entertaining romp for the family. It preserves history of Monterey and ensures that future generation are educated about their past and what the Monterey Bay as gone through in the ages. Make sure to include a visit to the wax museum into your itinerary when you visit Monterey. Remember to book a hotel that’s not only affordable, but also close to attractions and commercial spots in the Monterey Bay area. A hotel like the Vagabond Inn Hotel in Monterey is within minutes to the Cannery Row and the Wax Museum.

Monterey Bay Shopping destination

Top Shopping Destinations in Monterey Bay California

Monterey Bay California, a shopping destination.

Monterey has always been one of the top vacation spots in California because of its beautiful coast line and all the fun and diverse activities that it provides. There are so many things to do in Monterey which includes outdoor activities, animal and wildlife adventures, relaxing in parks and of course the beaches. However, Monterey is quickly becoming one of the top shopping destinations in California as well. Here are a few of the best places in Monterey where you can shop till you drop!

Visit the historical Cannery Row
Shopping in Monterey is intermingled with fun activities because each tourist spot in the county has a group of stores and boutiques that offer a wide variety of items for sale. Among the different must see places in Monterey, the Cannery Row is right on the top of the list. Once a street filled with rows of sardine canning factories, the Cannery Row has been since converted into a thriving commercial hub where you can find hotels, restaurants, waterfront activities, attractions and of course, many shopping establishments.

There are around 80 different vendors selling a wide range of items from souvenirs, to clothing, to artisan goods. You can even find some of the leading brands here if you truly are in a shopping mood. If you are not yet sure what to buy in Monterey, then a visit at the Cannery Row will give you plenty of options to choose from. Cannery Row is perfect for families as it can provide a variety of interesting activities that will keep kids entertainment as well.

Monterey Bay Shopping destination

Works of Art at Moss Landing
A great combination of relaxation and entertainment, Moss Landing is an amazing place for nature hikes, beach fun and shopping in Monterey. Moss Landing is home to many different stores that sell different paintings and other works of art. If you are lucky, there are times when there are art exhibits on display where you can weave your way through different items that are on sale. There are also coffee shops that double as art galleries for your viewing pleasure. It is an intimate spot for couples too.

Additionally, Moss Landing is also very well known for the different antique shops in the area. Anybody will enjoy browsing through the different vintage decorations, furnishings and many other items. If you look through all that’s available, you might find rare pieces that you’ll love.

Carmel-By-The-Sea is a must visit for any shopper
Shopping in Monterey will not be complete without a proper visit to Carmel-by-the-Sea. Actually, this area is very popular as a shopping destination. This spot has almost everything; it has art galleries, clothing retailers, jewelry stores, wine and gourmet shops, souvenirs, restaurants and entertainment for everybody. Truly a must visit for any shopaholic.

When visiting Monterey California, make sure to make time and visit the many shopping establishments. Book your hotel in a central area where you can easily travel to the many different shopping spots. A good hotel like Vagabond Inn is perfectly situated in an area where in you are just minutes away from the beach, local attractions and shopping centers. They can also provide you with information and tips to ensure you make the most of your stay. Vagabond Inn is also perfect for families because they have rooms big enough for 2 adults and kids.

Family Fitness in Monterey Sports Center

One of the top priorities of families is always going to be the health of both the parents and the children. Parents would usually achieve this by providing their kids with nourishing food to eat and staying away from junk food as much as possible. Parents would try to stay fit by also going to the gym and working out if schedule and time permits. However, one of the new trends these past few years is that fitness is turning into more than just a means to maintain health and fitness. The whole family and not just the parents are going to fitness centers these days and even young kids are going.


As a matter of fact, this is one of the trends nowadays that the Monterey Sports Center in California would like to promote. A quick look through their website and you can tell that the sports center is not just for adults. Kids can enjoy themselves here and see what good staying fit and healthy can do for the mind and the body. The Monterey Sports Center is the largest fitness facility in the one whole of the Monterey Peninsula. Their establishment is divided into 5 areas all focused in providing specific exercises, training, and recreational activities.

The Fitness section is all about evaluating a person’s physical state and provides an evaluation which includes physical strength, cardiovascular performance, blood pressure, flexibility and even a treadmill ergometry test. In this area there are personal trainers who can help you achieve your physical fitness goals and provide one-on-one Yoga and Pilates sessions.

The Group Exercise section is composed of several studios where groups of people socialize and enjoy physical exercises like cycling, yoga, Zumba, dance, conditioning, aqua splash and many more. Monterey Sports Center updates their website for the schedules so make sure to check which classes work best.

The Aquatics section is arguably very popular with the kids. Here, swimming lessons are available and there is even lifeguard training and water safety instructor course. There is also a Tot Time which is for parents and their children aged 5 and below to enjoy a bit of swimming. Float night is also fun as people are encouraged to bring anything that floats for a fun swimming pool party.

The Gym and Camps section is where people can join in teams and focus on a particular activity. Monterey Sports Center offers martial arts, cheerleading, teen work experience, volleyball, and youth wrestling.

Lastly, the Physical Therapy section is where visitors of the center can work on any physical injuries, pains and other limitations. Individuals with aching knees, poor posture, flexibility and other complications can set up an appointment for a physical therapy session to assess the person’s physical condition and identify the best course to take in order to resolve and physical complications.

The Monterey Sports Center is a comprehensive and family friendly facility that not only promotes fitness and healthy living, but also supports family bonding, camaraderie and positive reinforcement. Tourists staying in Monterey for a few days are always welcome to visit the sports center. Hotels in Monterey like the Vagabond Inn are perfect for families because of their well-appointed and spacious rooms as well as their affordability.