7 Things To Do in Monterey Bay this Holiday

Heading over here for the holiday season? Then you’re in for an adventure spree! There are so many unique attractions in Monterey Bay that it can be hard to pick just one! Here’s a list of Monterey Bay’s attractions and events to guide you this holiday.


1. Cannery Row

cannery row, monterey bay, california

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This bustling tourist destination was once an industrial area with working canneries lining the street. Bask in the history and ambiance of the old buildings that have now become shops, restaurants and hotels. You’ll find everything from dainty souvenir shops to candy stores and art galleries along with plenty of options for your taste buds from the dozens of restaurants that line up the street.


2. 17-Mile Drive

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Drive along the scenic Monterey Peninsula, from Pacific Grove to Carmel. It is named as such because the drive from the Highway 1 Gate to the Carmel Gate is approximately 17 miles. If you enter and/or leave through different gates, the distance you travel on the 17-Mile Drive may be different. The beautiful 17-Mile Drive  is fundamentally a road that passes through an exclusive neighborhood so you will have to pay a fee (per car) to drive around and motorcycles are not allowed.


3. Whale Watching

monterey bay whale watch, whale watching

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Ever seen a whale before? If not, then now is the best time to see one the planet’s largest mammals. The entire Gray Whale population migrates past the Monterey coastline every winter and spring and are easily observed as they hug the coastline during migration. Head over here to know more about what to expect during whale watching.\


4. Monterey Bay Aquarium

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The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a must-see when you’re stopping by the city of Monterey, CA. Click here for more details about this spectacular place.


5. 13th Annual Holiday Parade of Lights

parade of lights, christmas lights

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This annual lighted parade will feature marching bands, holiday floats, dance teams, equestrian groups, and of course, Santa Claus. After the parade, stores will remain open for Holiday shopping & wagon rides, photos with Santa & carolers. This event begins at 6:00pm. For more info contact 831-373-3304 or visit the official site here.

December 04, 2014
Type: Special Events
Location: Pacific Grove

6. 21st Annual Stillwell’s Fun in the Park

christmas, Annual Stillwell's Fun in the Park, Stillwell's Fun in the Park

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Another special event you shouldn’t miss while in Monterey Bay. This year Caledonia Park will be the place to be for festive family fun featuring Santa’s arrival on a shiny PG fire truck, Frosty the Snowman, Snow Queen, hayrides, petting zoo & lots of entertainment. For more information visit website or send email.

December 06, 2014
Central Ave. and Jewell Ave.
Type: Special Events
Location: Caledonia Park

7. Historic Downtown Monterey’s Traditional Christmas Tree Lighting

christmas tree lighting, Christmas tree

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The City of Monterey is just buzzing with holiday events for the whole family. Don’t miss out on the carols, candles, cookies, cider, music and good cheer during the Historic Downtown Monterey’s Traditional Christmas Tree Lighting on December 4th from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.
December 04, 2014
570 Pacific Street
Venue: Colton Hall Museum & Old Jail
Type: Special Events
Location: Colton Hall
Admission: Free

Holiday celebrations in Monterey Bay bring back memories and create new ones to last a lifetime. Here, the holiday season is centered around beautiful lights, the joy of sharing and simple pleasures like a cup of hot cocoa with an ocean view. Stay with us this holiday season!


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Summer 2014 has Started in Monterey Bay

Summer has just started! You wouldn’t want a summer break of boredom and frustration just because you got nothing to do, right? Especially if everyone is excited to take their out of town trips or a good swim in the pool under the sun. Im sure you can’t picture yourself staying at home by this time. So to make this season memorable for you. We will bring you top reasons why you should spend this time of the year in Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Kids and kids at heart definitely love the sea life. Get a chance to see penguins, jellies sharks and limitless numbers of marine creatures right before your very eyes at Monterey Bay Aquarium. I bet not everyone once in their life had an opportunity to dive and discover the waters of the sea and have an intimate experience with the forms underwater. But with Monterey Bay Aquarium you will get to have a face to face encounter with the sea creatures. We all have an innate wish to know the unknown, to discover the nature and to explore the wonders of the underwater. All these and more you will experience when you visit Monterey Bay Aquarium. Make your summer vacation less stressful, fun and memorable for you and your kids. Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium at 886 Cannery Row Monterey CA 93940. Its open daily from or 930am to 06:00pm.

Museum of Art Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay, Museum of Art. Originally published in http://www.Tripadvisor.com

Take a romantic tour in a rustic backdrop while enjoying the works of the artists from the 19th and the 20th century at Monterey Museum of Art. Be delighted by the pieces of artworks by some of the local artists up to the wonderful works of the famous Pablo Picasso. If you like to experience the best of both worlds – antiquity plus modernism combined, this place is definitely a must visit. Monterey Museum of Arts is a lovely place to take pictures for souvenirs. Photographers and non-photographers alike will love the gardens, the settings and the nature, perfect for some selfies and family pictures. Monterey Museum of Art operates in two locations, one is at 559 Pacific Street and the other located at 720 Via Mirada, California.


Monterey Peninsula Trail

Monterey Peninsula Trail. Originally published at http://www.xtri.com

Considered as one of the most scenic long trails in California, Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail is an 18 mile trail stretching from Pacific Grove to the Castroville charms locals and tourists because of its wonderful beauty. You and your family can go walking or jogging or even biking as you enjoy the magnificent view of the Monterey Bay. Ocean views include boats, and a variety of sea life that will definitely enthrall you. In Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail, nature is just everywhere. The beautiful view of the place will stop you from biking from time to time just to take pictures of the great landscape. Can’t think of a nice summer destination this summer? Head on to Monterey Peninsula Bay Recreational Trail and enjoy the fresh air while looking at God’s stunning creation.

Monterey Bay Summer Camp

Kids are out of School! It’s Summer Camp Time!

Summer is just around the corner. I’m sure if you are a parent (of course with kids) you’ve been starting to contemplate about what would make your children occupied at least in their entire summer break. Yeah, something that would make them fruitful and by not just wasting their time staying at home. Some parents take this opportunity to create a meaningful bond with their kids, while others love to send their kids to programs and activities that would develop different aspects of their well being. Traditionally, summer camp is perceived by many as a place where they can hike and do campfires. Today, summer camps have evolved and are now offering activities ranging from Tech Camps that focus on technology education, to math enrichment programs, travel camps, foreign culture camps down to art, science, and performing art camps.

Monterey Bay Summer Camp


With all these different choices, i see no reason for parents not to enroll their kids in any of these. So why enroll your kids summer camps? Surprisingly, kids after being enrolled in summer camps show a drastic development in their social skills. Some parents find their kids become more sociable with their peers and adults. It also helped their children to boost their self-confidence, something that a parent would want to see in their child growing up. Moreover, kids enrolled in summer camps learn to value relationships and see how these relationships are essential for their daily life. Summer camps don’t only teach kids social skills but also builds their character as a person. Campers, when they return home, usually demonstrate values like respect, honesty, independence and a high sense of responsibility. Now you see how helpful summer camps are to your kids. The valuable experiences that they learn from summer camps plus your support and motivation will help them prepare well for their life.

Planning on sending your kids to any summer camps? Check these.

1. Camp SEA lab –
Offering day, residential, and teen camps, Camp SEA Lab is a marine science camp adventure for youth ages 8-13 on California’s Monterey Bay. Camp SEA Lab also offers leadership programs, a teacher development programs, science camps for schools, and family programs.

For more information, visit or call:
100 Campus Center, Building 42, Seaside, CA (831) 582-3681

2. Horse-N-Around – The Mitchell Ranch
Horse-n-Around offers horseback riding lessons to beginner riders of all ages. They have a unique children’s Discovery Program designed to introduce children to the world of horses. They also offer summer camps and have a dual approach to their lesson/camp program spending equal time on safety and ground work and to riding. Their focus is always on safety and they introduce equine behavior as a way to do this as well. Students must have the control on the ground before they can have control in the saddle. Theirs is a one on one approach.

For more information, visit or call:
980 Travers Lane, Watsonville, CA 95076 (408) 528-5461

3. Kennolyn Camps – Day, resident, family and equestrian camps. Campers enjoy miles of breathtaking trails through the Redwoods for hiking, Mountain Biking and Trail Riding.

For more information, visit or call:
8205 Glen Haven Rd., Soquel, CA (831) 479*-6714

4. Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers educational programs that help teens learn about ocean conservation.

For more information, visit or call:
886 Cannery Row, Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 648-4800

5. Point Lobos Summer Adventures Program
Summer Outdoor Program presented by State Park staff and based out of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Kids 8-13 years old will have the opportunity to have fun and enjoy the outdoors in California State Parks.

For more information, visit or call:

Route 1, Carmel, CA 93923 (866) 338-7227

Enjoy your Summer!

Old fisherman wharf monterey bay

Weekend Itinerary in Monterey Bay California

The great state of California has many places to visit and towns with their own special attractions and landmarks. One good example of a popular place to visit in California is the City of Monterey.

This town has been called home by many local and well-known artists and many of California’s first semblance of modern civilization was established here like the first printing press and first public library. While particularly well known for their lovely coastline, Monterey is also home to many tourist spots that families and groups love to visit when they take a quick 2 or 3 day weekend vacation.

Old Fisherman Wharf

Here are a few suggestions on which places you should add in your itinerary when you visit Monterey Bay.

One of the most popular places to visit in Monterey and in the whole of California is the Monterey Bay Aquarium. With the primary goal of educating the public in marine and ocean preservation, the Aquarium brings together the various marine life exhibits that range from jelly fishes, sea otters, penguins, coral reefs and of course all the different fishes and creatures living in the sea. A visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium will take about half a day so be sure to arrive early and make time for it in your itinerary.


For the shopper and art aficionado, a visit to Downtown Carmel is a must in any itinerary. Here you will find boutiques left and right which sells a variety of goods. As you explore this area, you’ll notice the squares which are beautifully decorated by flora and fauna. Alongside them are the different art galleries which you can view and purchase if budget permits. This place is definitely worth a visit.

For a bit of sightseeing, add a visit to the Cannery Row in your itinerary. The Cannery Row is a street in Monterey where the area is lined with now abandoned sardine canning facilities. This location has become popular due to several literary works and movies that use the area as their settings. Today, the cannery row is quite popular with tourists and it now has various restaurants, hotels and there are even sea lions spotted in certain areas. Monterey was also quite well-known for its thriving fishing industry.

This still holds true and a visit to Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf is a testament to that. Everyday you’ll be able to see fishermen bring in their catch from the bay and prepare them for selling in the market. You’ll also see sea lions and sea gulls as they wait for fishermen to throw them some fish. There are also restaurants and other dining places available right here.

Finally, a visit to Monterey won’t be complete without some Whale Watching. The California bay is one of the few places where tourists are able to see whales near the surface of the water all year. This is truly a unique and even an overwhelming experience as some whales actually approach boats on their own. If you can only do a handful of things in Monterey, make sure you include this one.There you have it, some of the best things to do in Monterey that are definitely worthy of adding into your weekend itinerary. For accommodations while visiting Monterey, a good option would be the Vagabond Inn. It’s perfect for families and is located right next to downtown Monterey.

With these in your itinerary, you’re sure to have one of the best weekend getaways ever.For more information on Vagabond Inn,

Monterey Bay Wax Museum

Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum by Steinbeck

The Monterey Bay in California is never short on things to do or places to visit. It has so many attractions that not only cater to adults but also to kids as well. There are plenty of outdoor activities and a few shopping destinations. Some of the notable places to visit include the Fisherman’s Wharf, the beaches and the whale watching, several parks, and of course the old cannery row. There are many things to see in the cannery row, but one of its older attractions includes Steinbeck’s Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum.

Monterey Bay Wax Museum

As the name implies, the wax museum contains sculptures of people that depict the history, culture and the civilization of the community that thrived in Monterey Bay. As mentioned earlier, Steinbeck’s Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum is quite old already, dating as far back as the 1970’s. The museum is attributed to John Steinbeck, a celebrated American writer who has won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for his novel, The Grapes of Wrath. His other famous literary works include the East of Eden and Of Mice and Men. He is beloved in Monterey, California, due in part to his many different literary works which make use of Monterey as its setting.

The attribution of Steinbeck to the Wax Museum in Monterey is due to the fact that many of the displays found inside the museum depict certain scenes in some of his novels. As a matter of fact, the Cannery Row was so named because of the immense popularity of his novel called Cannery Row. If you visit the Wax Museum in Monterey today, you’ll even see a wax sculpture of John Steinbeck sitting with a group of his peers enjoying a couple of drinks.

The Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum depicts over 450 years of Monterey’s rich history and the people who helped and contributed to the rich culture of Monterey today. The museum holds over a hundred different wax sculptures grouped into different moments in time to showcase how their lifestyle was during the early 1900s. Some of these wax figures portray workers from the now defunct sardine canning factories, a bullfight scene, prostitutes, Indians and many more.

The wax museum also features certain audio and visual presentations to provide accurate and detailed descriptions of the wax statues and the events they were presenting. There are even mechanical wax statues that move with the audio for a more immersive and entertaining experience. The price for admission is very affordable and the wax museum is a good means of entertainment for the whole family.

The Spirit of Monterey Wax Museum is more than just an entertaining romp for the family. It preserves history of Monterey and ensures that future generation are educated about their past and what the Monterey Bay as gone through in the ages. Make sure to include a visit to the wax museum into your itinerary when you visit Monterey. Remember to book a hotel that’s not only affordable, but also close to attractions and commercial spots in the Monterey Bay area. A hotel like the Vagabond Inn Hotel in Monterey is within minutes to the Cannery Row and the Wax Museum.

Monterey Bay Shopping destination

Top Shopping Destinations in Monterey Bay California

Monterey Bay California, a shopping destination.

Monterey has always been one of the top vacation spots in California because of its beautiful coast line and all the fun and diverse activities that it provides. There are so many things to do in Monterey which includes outdoor activities, animal and wildlife adventures, relaxing in parks and of course the beaches. However, Monterey is quickly becoming one of the top shopping destinations in California as well. Here are a few of the best places in Monterey where you can shop till you drop!

Visit the historical Cannery Row
Shopping in Monterey is intermingled with fun activities because each tourist spot in the county has a group of stores and boutiques that offer a wide variety of items for sale. Among the different must see places in Monterey, the Cannery Row is right on the top of the list. Once a street filled with rows of sardine canning factories, the Cannery Row has been since converted into a thriving commercial hub where you can find hotels, restaurants, waterfront activities, attractions and of course, many shopping establishments.

There are around 80 different vendors selling a wide range of items from souvenirs, to clothing, to artisan goods. You can even find some of the leading brands here if you truly are in a shopping mood. If you are not yet sure what to buy in Monterey, then a visit at the Cannery Row will give you plenty of options to choose from. Cannery Row is perfect for families as it can provide a variety of interesting activities that will keep kids entertainment as well.

Monterey Bay Shopping destination

Works of Art at Moss Landing
A great combination of relaxation and entertainment, Moss Landing is an amazing place for nature hikes, beach fun and shopping in Monterey. Moss Landing is home to many different stores that sell different paintings and other works of art. If you are lucky, there are times when there are art exhibits on display where you can weave your way through different items that are on sale. There are also coffee shops that double as art galleries for your viewing pleasure. It is an intimate spot for couples too.

Additionally, Moss Landing is also very well known for the different antique shops in the area. Anybody will enjoy browsing through the different vintage decorations, furnishings and many other items. If you look through all that’s available, you might find rare pieces that you’ll love.

Carmel-By-The-Sea is a must visit for any shopper
Shopping in Monterey will not be complete without a proper visit to Carmel-by-the-Sea. Actually, this area is very popular as a shopping destination. This spot has almost everything; it has art galleries, clothing retailers, jewelry stores, wine and gourmet shops, souvenirs, restaurants and entertainment for everybody. Truly a must visit for any shopaholic.

When visiting Monterey California, make sure to make time and visit the many shopping establishments. Book your hotel in a central area where you can easily travel to the many different shopping spots. A good hotel like Vagabond Inn is perfectly situated in an area where in you are just minutes away from the beach, local attractions and shopping centers. They can also provide you with information and tips to ensure you make the most of your stay. Vagabond Inn is also perfect for families because they have rooms big enough for 2 adults and kids.

Tourists Are Invited to a Special War Horse Day Celebration at Monterey

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Every year, for 4 years now, locals in Monterey, California have been celebrating a unique event in commemoration of the town’s history and culture. The 4th Annual Fort Ord Warhorse Day celebrates the rich history of the Fort Ord army and its horse soldiers. The celebration is held as a form of remembrance and recognition of the historic past and for the education of future generations. The event is held at the Marina Equestrian Center – the original veterinary hospital for horses built in 1941 – and features a wide variety of attractions, educational materials and displays that depict the history of Fort Ord.

The event is perfect for families and groups where in there is an attraction for both adults and children alike. In this year’s Ford Ord Warhose Day celebration, visitors will get to experience a special flash museum, a visit to the army blacksmith, a petting zoo, a showcase of the world war 2 command posts, the vehicles used in that time and of course the public demonstration of the cavalry horses and mules. There will also be a very special tribute to be led by the Del Monte Brass Band and the DLI Choir will sing the national anthem. For families or first timers to the event, it is recommended that they partake in a special guided tour on bikes which goes around the Fort Ord National Monument and the Fort Ord Dunes State Park.

The event will be on May 3, 2014 and will start at 8am (for the guided bike rides) and up to 2pm in the afternoon. What’s best is that this whole celebration is free to the public which means no admission fee is required.

This is why Vagabond Inn – a contemporary family friendly hotel in Monterey, California – has always been an avid supporter of the event. It is celebrations like the Fort Ord War Horse Day, that is able to bring together communities and families and bond on the rich history of the town and at the same time, enjoy the many recreational activities available for everyone. Vagabond Inn is a suitable hotel accommodation that can also serve as a starting point for many other Monterey tourist destinations.

It is recommended that out of town visitors and tourists make their visit to Monterey into a weekend vacation to see all that the area has to offer. This also includes the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Being only an hour away from Monterey, it is an easy trip to the Boardwalk which is a very popular amusement park in California. It is perfect to visit during the spring time to avoid huge crowds during summer season.

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is well known for their exciting rides like the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster, the Speed Bumps bumper cars, the Logger’s Revenge and many more. The Boardwalk also features attractions like the Casino Arcade, Neptune’s Kingdom, Mini Golf, Lazer Tag, Lazer Maze, Boardwalk Bowling and many more. This is the perfectly fun stop to any family weekend getaway.