How to Arrange your Own Beautiful Bouquet For Valentine’s Day

Not sure what to do with a bouquet of loose flowers on Valentine’s Day?  Take a little lesson from top floral experts and create your own artful arrangement.

Think Seasonally


Photo by Shana Nicole Photography

“Choosing a local flower shop that uses seasonal flowers will help you find an inspired, unique bouquet. Stems such as ranunculus, anemones, proteas, garden roses, and double headed tulips mixed with textured flowers and multiple types of greens help create that garden feel. Nix the old red roses bouquet and grab something that will create a lasting impression!” – Suzanna Cameron, Stems Brooklyn

Use an Unexpected Container

Photo by Elan Flowers

“Use an unexpected vase shape to add a modern twist on classic elegance. We like to use moon vases for our signature rose arrangements on Valentine’s Day—the look is streamlined and simple, but effortlessly chic at the same time.” – Rebecca Hu-Van Wright, Elan Flowers

Choose a Focal Point

Photo by UrbanStems

“Whether you’re picking out a bouquet or making your own, start by focusing on a single, unique component that will set your design apart. I love to use a cut succulent in a bouquet as a focal point to build around—and they make especially good gifts because the recipient can actually pot the succulent and keep it as a plant. After you’ve chosen your focal point, surround it with green stems (like ruscus or lemon leaf) to add volume, and group other face flowers in odd numbers in a spiral around the focal stem. To contrast with the smooth texture and open face of flowers like roses, add interest with chrysanthemums that have multiple blooms per stem, along with statice and hypericum for texture. I also like to use ‘line’ stems like veronica, celosia, or amaranthus to give my bouquets dimension and avoid that perfectly round look. Finally, add a few more stems of greens around the outside of the bouquet, wrap it with burlap, and tie it with grosgrain or satin ribbon to give it the feeling of a true gift.” — Cameron Hardesty, Director of Products for UrbanStems

Go Ombre

Photo by B Floral

“Add a twist to the Valentine’s Day Classic: red roses. You can create an ombre affect by adding coral or orange roses to the bottom of your arrangement. This is a simple way to jazz up your floral arrangement!” – Bronwen Smith, B Floral

Make More Than One

Photo by B Floral

“You can create a grand experience for your Valentine’s dinner by adding height to your tablescape. Use vases in varying heights with tall traditional candlesticks to create a dining experience your sweetheart won’t forget!” – Bronwen Smith, B Floral


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