Everything You Should Do Now to Prepare for Thanksgiving

To keep organized, it is very important to place in order all the tasks that need to be done prior to your Thanksgiving celebration. Always remember that this day is always a hectic time. Thanksgiving may not be for another week but if you really want to celebrate it with your loved ones, here are a few things to consider.

Lock Down Your Travel Plans

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Whether you’re headed to the airport or hitting the road, now’s the time to make sure your travel plans are all locked down and set in stone. Changes to big tickets like flights or trains will likely cost a pretty penny at this stage, but at least now you’ll have options if a change is necessary. If you have to make or change plans next week, especially right up against Thanksgiving, you may not even have options available, and the ones you have will be astronomically expensive.
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Get Your Knives Sharpened

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If you’re doing the cooking next week, here’s something you can do now that will make the whole affair much easier: Get your knives professionally sharpened, or at least put them to a honing steel or sharpening stone yourself. We’ve mentioned before that a dull knife is a dangerous knife, and you don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen cooking one of the biggest meals of the year with dull, difficult-to-handle knives.

Plan Your Menu, and Estimate Time Back from Zero

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Now is also a good time to plan your menu. Even if you’re planning a meal for two or by yourself, taking time to think about it now gives you the opportunity to make it something special and fun, instead of just another dinner. Look for Thanksgiving menus for two (there are plenty around the web). Plus, you’ll have plenty of leftovers without having to deal with the hassle of waiting for a whole bird to cook. If you are hosting a crowd, plan things out. Think about what you want to serve, and what ingredients you’ll need for everything, and make your shopping list. You’ll have plenty of time to shop, so ideally you can avoid having to run to the grocery store at the last minute to pick up something you forgot.

Buy Difficult to Find Ingredients, or Ingredients that Need Long Prep Time

If you’re cooking for people with specific dietary concerns and have to find dishes for them, or if you’re planning to fancy things up by making something unusual or interesting, now is a good time to make sure you can get your hands on those special ingredients. Similarly, if you’re planning on making something that needs a lot of time to prepare or requires a lot of work, it’s best to handle it now and then give yourself plenty of time to work with it over the next week.

Test Out Any Recipes You’ve Never Made on Family Now

Similarly, nothing’s worse than cooking something you’ve never made before on the big day and having it turn out less than stellar (or downright awful). If you’re planning on making something you’ve never made before, give it a dry run with your family first. Maybe you’ve never made the type of pie you want to bake, or you’re planning to give a new dressing recipe a whirl. Instead of making it the day of and hoping everything goes well, try it now, or this weekend, when you have time to see if it’s good, get all of the right ingredients, and, if you don’t like it or want to make changes, you can adjust and tweak the recipe so it works for you.

Tidy Up the Place

clean5.jpgPhoto originally published in aliyasgroup.com

Finally, now is a good time to do a good, thorough cleaning, especially if you’re hosting visitors. Often the last few minutes before guests arrive is a whirlwind of final prep work and cleaning, but if you spruce things up now, you have the time and the energy to devote to a thorough cleaning and organizing things you actually want to pay attention to than if you’re up against the wall and doing it the day before you know you’ll be in the kitchen cooking all day. Plus, as you get closer to Thanksgiving and even when guests arrive, you’ll have minimal tidying to do to make sure everything is spotless.

SOURCE: http://www.lifehacker.com

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