Under Water Park in Monterey Bay California


We used to go to parks and malls to walk and ride around, but in Monterey Bay, California there are several Underwater Parks to visit.  The place is one of the largest marine protected areas where you can explore the underwater environment and experience the natural wonders of the coast.

The Underwater Parks are located at the coastline of Mendocino country in the north to San Diego. They are designed to help to conserve the State’s rare coastal species and develop the ecosystem. Aside from that the parks were built to attract water recreational activities by giving the public an access to it. There are four different underwater parks to visit within the interior of the State: these are the Mono Lake, Emerald Bay-lake Tahoe, D.L. Bliss and the Lake Perris. There are also parks that are under the protection of Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Sea Otter Game Refuge.


As one of the best diving sites located in a marine protected area, the underwater parks are a safe place where you can paddle, dive and snorkel. The underwater parks also provides home to many spectacular plants and animals. While roaming around the area, you are sure to see delightful marine creatures of different size, shape and color! It is even possible to come across whales and dolphins once in a while.


Come and visit some of the underwater parks in Monterey Bay, California and discover the fascinating view of the ocean and have fun with the activities that they offer!

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